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(OLD) Sex Communicator Test V1.2

Let’s talk about sex.

Did you know that a person’s communication style is influenced by their cultural background? Culture can be defined by the country you are from, but it is also characterized on the micro level by the online communities you’re a part of or other groups you identify with. To be more precise, culture is not only something “out there”, like food, art, clothing and customs, but it is also instilled within us. Culture influences how we communicate, meaning it shapes how we talk, greet, dress, interpret meanings, express emotions, physically touch others, maintain relationships and approach sex. We believe that sex is a form of communication, and your cultural background influences how you interact with your sex partner(s).

In our multicultural society, we have come to know that intercultural competency––the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and to think and act appropriately––is vital for everyday life and work. However, few realize that intercultural competency also factors when we’re having sex!

By taking this Sex Communicator Test with an intercultural focus, we are able to provide you with practical advice on how to better relate yourself to others during romantic and sexual interactions. Our goal is to enhance sex communication and ultimately enable you to have healthier intimate relationships and more joyful sex! 


Are you ready to find out your sex communication style?