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 Our team boasts a diverse range of international education backgrounds, 

hailing from Europe, North America and Asia. 


This rich blend of global perspectives enables us to 

innovate with a uniquely multicultural and well-rounded approach.

Since day one, we have maintained an ongoing series of conversations or consultation sessions

 with experts across renowned multinational companies and international institutions. 



This commitment ensures that we consistently 

tap into valuable insights from diverse industry backgrounds.

Xixi Wang

Xixi’s life started with art, and she believes art nurtured hearts that beat in tune with humanity’s symphony. As the visionary behind CUE, Xixi’s aspiration is straightforward––to reshape the depth and breadth of what’s been investigated in academia into practical understanding for individuals, ultimately enhancing their lives.


She holds a Research MA in Gender Studies from Utrecht University, a BA in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice (major) and Philosophy (minor) from The University of British Columbia, and exchanged to The University of Oslo. She honed her interdisciplinary prowess, becoming adept at analyzing and understanding global and systemic issues.


Following her academic pursuits, Xixi navigated through two digital mental health startups––series B with 100M+ RMB, and seed round with multimillion USD––to gain insights and experience in building sustainable and impactful enterprises. During this time, her online content gained over 20 million views, attracting readers from China and the U.S. primarily.

Raeanne Lee

Raeanne brings over 5 years of experience in instructional design and online learning to CUE. Born in Singapore, and having lived in Australia, Canada, and the UK, she possesses an implicit understanding of the importance of proper guidance during key transition periods, having navigated these alongside geographical relocations.


As former Head of MOOC production at the University of British Columbia, she produced and managed 50+ courses on edX with have to date, enrolment of 900,000+ learners. During this time she produced Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society which was featured in Class Central’s Best Online Courses of 2019 and is rated as an All-Time Top 100 Course on Class Central.


As an established digital story-teller, and proven strategist for successful learner engagement she delighted to be able to combine her passions in innovative pedagogy and design thinking to provide transformative change through education.

She has an extensive skillset in path to market strategy, media production, course development.

Laura Rinati

Laura Rinati brings her expertise in production to CUE by managing the various projects under the CUE banner impact initiatives. She also assists with the QA testing and feedback management of CUE’s various products and services. 



A jack of all trades between project management and production management, Laura has a Masters in International Journalism from the University of Sussex, and has multinational experience working for clients in Europe.



She is currently Digital Producer at a Digital Agency where she works closely with clients and developers. Laura has demonstrated experience in both digital and print publishing, including an insert of the Sunday Telegraph. She works on websites, apps, and VR, and has a passion for inclusivity and sustainability.



Laura is also passionate about theatre and produces and directs shows by emerging writers in London, tackling social issues related to gender, sexuality, racism and crossing cultural divides.

Abby Duan

Abby is a highly skilled developer who is responsible for leading the development psychological testing at CUE.


Prior to joining the CUE team, Abby worked as a Psychological Evaluation Research and Development Specialist at KnowYourself, one of the largest online psychology-related educational platforms in China. During her two-year tenure there, Abby worked independently to create 19 gamified psychological assessments that have been taken by over 100,000 users.


She is constantly exploring innovative ways to create tools that help people understand themselves better and is dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives. Her work has contributed significantly to the platform’s success and has helped many individuals gain a better understanding of themselves


Abby is currently enrolled at Monash University in Australia, pursuing her second Master’s degree in Counselling. She had previously completed her Bachelor’s degree with second-class honors (A) at Monash University and recently finished her Master’s degree in Psychological Science with a major in Business at James Cook University in Singapore, where she was named to the Dean’s List. She is passionate about psychology and her focus is on helping individuals uncover their true potential in various settings.

Öykü Arslan​

Öykü is an online learning designer and a translator, committed to the technological transformation of education. She believes in the empowerment of the youth through accessible education that is attentive to the cultural differences of the learners.


She holds a Research Master’s degree in Gender Studies at Utrecht University, with a focus on feminist and critical race theories. Additionally, she holds a BA degree in English and Comparative Literature (major) and Archaeology and Art History (minor) at Koç University in Istanbul, where she completed a honors thesis on the vast experiences of immigrant women of color in Europe.

Frankie Hermsen

Frankie brings more than five years of experience in politics and diverse social organizations within the Government of Amsterdam, serving as a party and policy officer. During this time, they have acquired extensive knowledge and practical expertise in education, the social domain, gender and sexuality, as well as the right to self-determination. 


Currently, Frankie channels their passion into their work at STD-Aids Nederland, specifically within the target group team, with a primary focus on sex work. Their enthusiasm for this field fuels their dedication to promoting inclusivity and equity.


Frankie boasts a diverse international academic background, having obtained a Research MA degree in Gender Studies from Utrecht University, a BA degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University College Maastricht, and participating in exchange programs at the University of Toronto and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Advisory board

We are privileged to have the guidance and expertise of our esteemed advisor as an integral part of our team. We express our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering dedication.

Jolanda Zeeman

Jolanda’s career as a classical anthropologist initially revolved around immersing herself in diverse cultures around the world. Through these experiences, she discovered the true value of understanding her own cultural perspective. 

As she embarked on a new chapter, she joined the esteemed Training Department of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Over the past 15 years, she had collaborations with renowned companies and institutions, including Philips, DSM, Vanderlande, DAMEN, Thales, DAMCO, the municipalities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Hangzhou Board of Tourism, TU Delft, University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University, Radboud University Nijmegen, TU Eindhoven and many others.

Driven by her passion for continuous growth, Jolanda’s professional journey has recently taken a new direction, focusing on higher education. Currently, she shines as an International Learning Specialist/Coach at Eindhoven University. She is fully invested in equipping people with invaluable skills and a global mindset to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

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We are always seeking passionate, talented people to contribute to growing CUE. If you’re interested in the opportunity to use your unique expertise and skills to make a social impact, contact us with your CV and tell us what you’d be able to bring to our organization!

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